Introductory Course on Well-Being Therapy

May 12 - 14, 2023, Online


A specific psychotherapeutic strategy for modulating psychological well-being and pursuing euthymia, Well- Being Therapy (WBT), has been developed and validated in a number of randomized controlled trials. WBT has been manualized (Fava, G.A.: Well-Being Therapy. Treatment Manual and Clinical Applications. Basel, Karger, 2016). Translations of the manual have been published in Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Hungarian and Turkish. A certification process for WBT has been promoted by the Academy of Well-Being Therapy (AWBT), whose president is Giovanni A. Fava, MD. The certification process includes attendance of an introductory course, individual supervision of two cases treated with WBT, and case presentation at an advanced workshop. The next introductory course on Well-Being Therapy will be held online on May 12-14, 2023.

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