Quotes from members

Claudi Bockting, professor:

'Research on psychological interventions for mental health problems are scandalously underreported' (Nature: 489, 473–474; 2012). Many effective treatments for mental health conditions are developed by clinical psychologists. Not only neuroscientists and psychiatrists, but also clinical psychologists should and can be represented on policy level, both national and European. Awareness of the effect of psychological interventions is crucial. It is time for a next generation of psychological treatments,  regardless of  psychotherapeutic orientation.

Andreas Maercker, professor:

'Clinical psychologists need to be officially represented at public mental health forums across Europe.'

'European collaboration requires further strengthening also from us working in clinical psychology.'

Winifried Rief, professor:

'The challenges of mental health care can only be tackled with evidence-based psychological treatments.'

'Stop complaining that clinical psychology is not sufficiently recognized in Europe - Change it!'

'Chronic medical conditions need psychological support.'

'We need more EU funding for psychological treatments.'

'Clinical psychology must be utilized to improve diagnostics and treatment of mental health and illness.'